Props Brewery

4 Kings is rich in flavor and is separated from its English counterparts by its slight citrus accent, bitterness, and dry finish.

Blonde Bomber is medium-bodied American blonde ale with a light color and a balanced hop/malt combination. This unfiltered and unpasteurized ale finishes clean and dry.</

Dos Pilotos is a South American style lager that is brewed with pale malts sourced from Patagonia, Chile. Dos Pilotos is an all day drinking beer that pairs perfectly with a lime.

Flying coffin ipa is a medium-bodied, balanced ipa that is copper in color with caramel flavors and distinct piney hop qualities. this ipa is infused with chinook hops and dry-hopped with a mt. hood and cascade hop combination.

luckey o’neill lager is a vienna style lager. it’s light golden-brown coloring combines with a lager’s smooth taste which give this lager an all day lawnmower beer feel.

prop oil porter pours black with a light tan colored head. this porter has a substantial, complex, and flavorful roast character that tastes of dark chocolate and roasted grains. a fan favorite with it’s characteristics of being not too sweet nor too bitter with a smooth aftertaste.

Strong in all facets of flavor, Twin Prop is sure to please any hop lovers palate. Bold citrus flavor ranging from lemon to orange gives way to a piney bitter aftertaste.

A strong blueberry, tropical aroma with a subtle-sweet blueberry taste. Expect a ruby red color, a light mouthfeel, and a clean finish.



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